Gym and swim 

I feel sooo much better after a gym and swim today 🙂 #exercise #feelingfitter #thisgirlcan


Marathon fundraising :) 

Only 4months into the fundraising and we’re already over half way raising the minimum total of £2000 and 47% towards the £2300 target!! 

The bonus ball bingo, guess the name of the bear and the fundraising night all helped massively! Woohoo!! 😊


Hello gym..

So yesterday I finally rejoined the gym and I’m sooo happy I did! Swam 60lengths yday and popped in and did a short workout incorporating a 2mile treadmill run (urgh) and then a 20length quick dip before closing time… Feeling good and know it’s only going to get better! 😊👍👟🏃🏊