As if me and exercise are now best friends?

So I am a little addicted to exercise, I do think that rather than binge I now work out!

Last summer the Olympics were on, and it spurred me on to go for a run, it was super Saturday, and Jessica, Mo an Gregg were Inspiring me. In ill fitting trainers, and my interpretation of workout gear I 'tried' to jog to the local tesco and back, tesco was under a mile away, and by the end of the road I already felt sick! This was to be the beginning of my journey to fitness.

At school some of the other female teachers are slimming and had taken it upon themselves to sort out an exercise routine Tuesday-Thursday early in the morning before school, I joined the group last October and three times a week I stared to do Zumba, boxercise, running, circuits and some other dancey workouts, bit by bit I was starting to improve my fitness.

Swimming was introduced and I would swim once a week which was good on the joints as I was carrying lots of extra weight. I walked as much possible and purchased a skipping rope, such a good way to exercise, free and fun.

Just before Christmas last year I was introduced to bokwa and I fell in love! The current and up beat music, the social aspect and the constant movement just captured me. Bokwa is a must do for all!

I discovered the array of workout videos on YouTube and started to workout at home and did the boot camp workout which was my first proper into introduction to abs and muscles.

In February I felt I needed to up the pace and started the 30day shred with Jillian Micheals, the woman I have a big love hate relationship with. With three levels, each increasing in intensity and difficulty focusing on strength, cardio and abs. I lost 10lbs during the workout, I saw my body shape change dramatically and my fitness was notched up another level. After 31 days of working out every day I felt on top of the world.

This led me to the 'insanity' workout….wow! This is another level of difficulty, I haven't stuck to this religiously, but throw it into the mix as and when I can and it is tough, my hearts need pounded so hard!

And now I had discovered running….me and running have never been friends as the top experience shows, but in light of signing up for the race4life I thought I really should do some training, so I bought some workout gear and went for a run with the mind set of I'll see how far I can get…. Well that ended up with me running 5miles on the first attempt, turns out, all the exercise I had been doing had really really improved my fitness, using the Nike running app I have now clocked up just under 100miles in 15 runs and can run a 5k easily and now a 10k too.

I completely surprised myself by placing in the top 15 for the race4life and completing the 5k in 27:33minutes, my previous PB being just over 31minutes. I have a 10k run for st Giles hospice on September 1st and am now training for that. This being the woman who couldn't run for more than 10minutes on a treadmill at the gym without feeling like I was going to die or throw up or both.

The big term plan is to run a half marathon next year, and maybe eventually build up to a full marathon. It all feels very strange as I have just sort of slotted into this fitness malarkey, I literally can't keep still. I even run the mile home from bokwa class on a Monday, having just worked out for an hour, and I've restarted the 30day shred while I'm off for the school holidays, to replace being on my feet and walking around all day at work, which also really helps.

Yes sometimes I still get the Cba feeling, but then I remember how much I want to reach target and how much better I feel once I've worked out and so now buying exercise clothes and equipment has become part of the routine.

Who'd have thought it…..


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