How change happens

Wow! Where to start. So over a year ago now I finally decided to join slimming world, thank goodness I did, but it really was no easy decision.

I think when it comes to losing weight, the first thing you need to do is accept just where you are, and to realise that you need to stop making excuses, there will always be a reason why you should not do something…. Birthday coming up, Easter, wedding, Christmas, holiday. But it really is these exact occasions that should inspire us to make that break, because you enjoy those events all the more when you are happier within yourself, that really does sound like a load of cliche rubbish, but I have first case experience in just how much better these things can get!

It takes that one key event that really pushes you down to the lowest point, and having sat in slimming world group almost every single week since I've joined, I have heard many people's 'light bulb moments' where it really hits them that things have to change.

I had two light bulb moments, well Three really, but one happened three years ago and it would be another 2years before I would finally get my ass into gear.

Lightbulb moment 1: a surprise outdoor pursuit activity day for a male friends birthday, this involved the wearing of waterproof clothing provided by the centre, after being handed the XL trousers (that didn't fit) I had to ask for a different size, to which infront of everyone he replied 'sorry duck they're the biggest we do' cringe!!!! So a)everyone heard b)I still had to wear the tight trousers feeling self conscious and uncomfortable the whole day. I even shyed away from playing a canoe based game because I feel over self conscious.

Light bulb moment 2: now this followed really shortly after moment 1, a matter of weeks later my other half took me dress shopping for a dress for my PGCE graduation ball, with money to spend and a whole 7hours of shopping, I found lots and lots of dresses I liked, but non that fitted, the size 18s just weren't stretchy enough and I felt awful. My fella was so so patient, but didn't quite understand when I got upset at his suggestion to just go for that bigger size, I already knew how big I was, having to buy tailored trousers for my school placements, after living in elasticised leggings, was a painfully eye opening experience. I ended up buying a very non exciting, run of the mill dress that 'fitted' nothing more and nothing less, not the special dress I had envisaged.

Luckily my brothers gf Soph was joining slimming world to lose a few pounds for her holiday, and after trying to fight it claiming 'I'm not paying to lose weight' and 'I'm not sitting in a hall with loads of women moaning about being fat' she won me over and I went along, feeling very self conscious, and dreading stepping on the scales, obviously I needn't have worried, I was made to feel comfortable and bit the bullet and weighed in, and that was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Thinking that I never stuck to any 'diet' for more than 2-3months I was dubious, however after losing 5.5lbs on my first weigh in, I was hooked!!

So far on slimming world, I have lost 4stone, since my biggest in 2010 I have lost about 5.5stone, but I was always yo-yoing, without slimming world there is absolutely no way I would be where I am now!!



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