Slimming hints and tips

I am seriously considering becoming a consultant at some point soon, and it got me thinking, what hints and tips would I give to others struggling, because if I can do this whole losing weight thing, anybody can!

Weight has been my grey area for the last 7-8 years, having ticked the happy relationship, friendship, family, education, living and career boxes, weight and health just seemed to be box that I had stopped even putting onto the list, thinking that I would never get there.

I had tried starvation, slim fast, weight watchers, juices, detox and all the other stupid things you can think of, and the whole time, I wasn't losing much weight, I was hungry and I was cranky! Not making me a great person to be around, despite always being confident and out going, my weight did always get down, I don't think I ever let on to people just how much it could get me down, because there was nothing that annoys me more, than people who moan about something but never do anything about it.

When I had my new members chat with my first SW group leader, I just couldn't believe how much I was being told to eat, how could I eat so much and lose weight? How could eating rice, pasta, potatoes and not measuring or weighing them enable weight loss?

But sure enough it does work, filling up on fruit and veg and everything free and super free is a sure way to lose weight, and the super speedy food ie. grapefruit, melon all help.

But it's not all about the super speedy or free foods, you must have your healthy extra A and B, your fibre and dairy, try to mix things up a little bit and make sure you always eat them! And as for syns, on average you get 15syns per day, I have always eaten almost all my daily allowance, I know some people that have no or very few syns, and my losses are no different to theirs, if you want to use them, use them!

Now exercise has become a HUGE part of my lifestyle, I'm going to post a separate post on exercise, but its has helped to tone, shape and tighten my body as the weight has come off.

Stay to group every week if possible, you get so much support and advice off the other members, they understand exactly what you are going through and have so many hints and tips such as recipes etc. as amazing as the SW consultants are, they can't possible know absolutely everything!

Use the website and the SW app, they are invaluable and allow you to check syns on the go, track weightless on the graph tool and support stories.

Buy the slimming world magazine from group, saving you money compared to buying it from a regular shop, it has amazing inspiration stories, recipes and helpful advice.

Some weeks I have been 100% perfect and not seen the results on the scales that I was so desperate for, however another simmer told me about the piece of string, weeks into my slimming I was told that often weight loss can show in inches and clothes sizes rather than lbs. I tied a piece of string around the widest part of my tummy and cut it to that length, now periodically if I don't get the weight loss results I want I check myself against the string, there is now a good 7inches difference and a huge gaping hole between string and me, which used to be filled with belly. It really is great to see!

Try as many new foods, recipes and ideas as possible, food tastings at group are great way to try something and like it before you find out what's in it. Be ware of tweaks and things that may catch you out, but be open to new things. Curly wurly scan bran cake, lasagne sheet crisps, SW mac and cheese, marshmallows, muller lights, Jenny metcalfe skinny top corn, Special K crisps and yoo moo frozen yogurt are all life savers ๐Ÿ™‚

Keep old clothes and try the on periodically when you are feeling a little bit disheartened, try them on and think wow, look at the difference. I have kept a made to measure bridesmaids dress from my biggest and an awful pair of trousers I wore in a size 22. These are now like a tent!

Keep doing comparison photographs, I do these at every occasion and look at them frequently to see the difference, and what I will never be going back to.

Set yourself goals and deadlines but don't punish yourself if you don't get there exactly when or as expected! Best laid plans and all that…. What I have come to realise is this is a life style change and you may need to take the scenic route not the express way, which may take a little bit longer, but you will enjoy the journey not just the final destination!

Mainly….enjoy the journey I have made some amazing friends so far at group, online and my quality of life has improved ten fold ๐Ÿ™‚


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