Bridesmaid duties :)

One of the big things that has really helped to motivate me has been the knowledge that on September 14th one of my best friends is getting married and has awarded me with the huge honour of being one if her bridesmaids. I asked for a dress smaller than the size I was when asked towards the start of the year (dress is a 12) giving me something to aim towards. With about 5weeks to go….it fits 🙂 it just doesn't quite do up comfortably past the broadest part of my back, but it will!!!

The green dress is the current dress, the blue is the only other time I have been a bridesmaid for the gorgeous Nikki in 2010 at my biggest, made to measure, its a big dress, probably an 18/20. I have them hung up so I can see them everyday to remember where I am and where I've come from!!!



Bridesmaid duties :)


2 thoughts on “Bridesmaid duties :)

  1. I loved being a part of your special day Nikki, and the dress is so beautiful 🙂 I wouldn’t change a minute of your day..just wish I had made this change back then!! Love ya xx

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