Tough day!

So I weighed in this evening having expected a good loss, a loss good enough to get me to my next award, I only needed 1.5lbs and I was there.
Unfortunately it was not meant to be, stepping on the scales knowing how good I have been this week both food and exercise wise, I was really really gutted!
Poor David who operates the weighing in, when I stepped on I was 99% sure I had done it, but instead I had PUT ON 4lbs!! Yes you heard me, 4 entire pounds!! I think the whole class heard me ask what the hell was going on with genuine disbelief!
Stepping off the scales and into the arms of my supportive SW buddies I couldn’t help but weep! What was going on?!?

With my SW weigh in book in hand, Darral and Shellie searched for a pattern and sure enough, every 4/5weeks depending on how the dates fall, I have gained between 2.5-4lbs, bloody Mother Nature!

I had gone the previous 3/4 years period free, I thought this was down to having the contraceptive implant fitted, but since losing weight they have come back, this is worrying as I think my size had affected me more than I knew! But this also means I’m not always 100% about when I am due on.

Anyways the group were very supportive about it all and encouraged me to persevere. It is purely water retention and it will go within 2-3 days.

I can’t say it hasn’t knocked me, and it’s made me sit down and map out predictions so I am not caught out again. Jabs also wants me to try some herbal tablets to cut down on water retention, we’ll see.

Having randomly used the wii fit for the first time in 2yrs, and seeing the weight loss, it showed my weight at the weekend and I was lower than last weigh-in, so it’s mad to see that in 4days I gained 4lbs!

So I am back on it, I will have a good loss next week and I will have that award up on my fridge!! Bring it on!!!


Tough day!


One thought on “Tough day!

  1. Nikki says:

    Oh no! At least you know it’s not your fault and you can be more prepared next time. You will get there next week, I have faith in your hard work and dedication ! xx

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