Synful weekend!!

I think that one of the reasons we lose weight is to feel good about ourselves and to gain confidence.
It is on occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and celebratory events that we get to sit back and enjoy all the hard work that we have put in and let our hair down slightly. The important thing to remember is to get straight back up and get back on the sw wagon.

I can safely say that this weekend I well and truly let my hair down. I’m not feeling too great about it right now, but I did enjoy it at the time! I celebrated Jeans hen do down in Hereford yesterday and Lauren’s 18th birthday party today.

The syns include cheese straws, tortilla chips, dips, brownies, cocktails, cheesecake, garlic bread and pizza (3 slices to be exact) I have not had pizza in over a year and it tasted sooo good!!
Today: mini croissants, birthday cake, cake pop, key lime pie.

Ouch!!! I dread to think!!!

But you know what it’s fine, I came home, ate fruit, did shred, and I’ve now taken myself off to bed to stop me snacking!

This is probably one of 5 blow outs I have had over my year at slimming world, and it hasn’t stopped my progress, it may have been part of why I am taking the scenic route and not the express way, but I thoroughly enjoy the ride.
Slimming world is of course a lifestyle change/choice not a diet, we can still have a busy social life and lose weight!!!

I will keep you posted for Tuesdays results, I will try extra hard to minimise the damage…fingers crossed!!!


Synful weekend!!


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