Burning it today!

Sooo today I overcame another milestone in my journey and it felt soo good!!
Today I went to the gym for the first time since 2011. I used to love the gym, I even got ‘member of the month’ at my old regular gym, but as a ‘bigger person’ I always felt people were looking at me!
Today I did the cross trainer and the bike for 20mins each, and then I tackled my old frenemy…the treadmill, now I know I run a lot, but I find the treadmill the one piece of exercise equipment that really doesn’t do you any favours, any jiggly or flabby bits really have nowhere to hide! I remember I used to come home extremely happy that I had managed 10minutes on the treadmill, but I would be huffing and puffing and feeling slightly sick, plus the pace wasn’t particularly great. Today I ran 2.2miles on the treadmill in 20mins and was running at a pace of 7.2mph and you know what I felt good, I felt confident and I felt like one of those people I used to watch run at the gym and would think how are they that fit? How can they do that? Finally that is me!! This is a big deal to me, I enjoyed the gym but used to eye the treadmill up and think ‘oh no do I have to?!’
After the gym we swam for 40minutes and then came home and did day 28 shred level 3…. Now before this wouldn’t have even been thought of nevermind possible!
I already knew I was fit, but with the running outdoors I’ve never had anything to compare it to. On the treadmill, all past experiences have been sweaty, exhausting, sometimes embarrassing and often unpleasant! But not today! Now I’m in control, I’m happy and I’ve never felt so fit and healthy!!! And if I can do it, anyone can 🙂


Burning it today!


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