30 days of shred complete!!

I haven’t actually lost any weight this time, (not officially) however I do feel it has helped me to not gain at least over the last month of my summer hols off school.
I am only 1lb heavier than I was when I broke up, and that is a big deal! Previous holidays I have gained upto 4lbs, and that was only over 2wks, so I was half expecting big gain issues!
Being a teacher who is trying to slim is tough over the hols, we go from feast to famine with work load, and the change in routine is usually bad for me on the scales.
I feel that shred has substituted at least some of the exercise I do on a daily basis, sometimes without realising, at school, on my feet for 8+ hours, lugging boxes, bags, and the nature of my subject is more physical.
So although I gained tonight 1.5lbs, and I was distraught when I got home, after what I thought was a good week, I shall not let it beat me! I will get to target, and I will see an awesome week show in the scales in a weeks time! I can do this!!!!!
I’m finding this last stone ridiculous, but I am 4/5ths of the way, and if I can shred for 30days I can do this! This term should be THE term. With my SW support crew, all is possible!


30 days of shred complete!!


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