A person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.

Is that really me? I’m having a down moment, again, basically over spill from yesterday!
Yesterday I voiced my opinion to stop the feelings of others being hurt, I believe I was mature, tactful and polite about the situation, but the meaning to my point was not understood and I have been branded as a bully who should know better.
The person in question is over 10yrs older than me, but I am to blame!
I know from all my SW friends that I was not wrong or out of order, but I can’t say it hasn’t hurt me. I do care what people think, sometimes too much, but I care enough to stand up and speak out when I think someone is in the wrong.
This is a positive blog, and meant to encourage myself and maybe even others, but I want to record this tough moment to show that even in a good year, things don’t always run smoothly! But I am going to follow the advice of the quote above!
We’re making changes to better ourselves, not everyone can handle that!!




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