Official recorded time 58:34

I think the timing is off slightly, but wow! I cannot describe how I feel right now! I came 4th out of the women racing and that was fantastic! The men were like machines, a lot of them seemed professional runners who weren’t even using their full potential to race!
It was difficult, and after mile 2 I really hit the I can’t do this, I want to just stop wall, but I didn’t and wow! Getting to the end and finding out not only did I come in under an hour, which was a challenge set by Darral, but I came in with over a minute to spare, taking off 5minutes off my PB.
Now I seem to have started a tradition for myself, on the day I ran the 5k I signed up for todays 10k, now it seems only right I sign up for a half marathon today for next year, keep your eyes peeled and by the end of today, you will probably see that I have set myself my next challenge, and the next one is a biggie!!
But nothing can top how proud I feel right now, and how thankful I am to all those who supported and sponsored me!
Without slimming world, I wouldn’t have lost the weight, and I wouldn’t have regained my health and found my new passion 😀


Official recorded time 58:34


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