Under 10syns

I am allowed to have upto 15syns a day, but I’m going to try and do under 12/10 if possible.
I can feel the effect of stress points at the moment and the temptation to let old habits creep in, scoffing on crisps, bread, sweets and basically whatever I can get my hands on.
So instead I decided to use all free ingredients to make a huge spag Bol.
Quorn mince, tinned toms, passatta, worster sauce, soy sauce, spring onions, veg stock, fry light, spaghetti, salt and pepper. Very tasty and very filling 🙂
I’ve been making a conscious effort to go back to drinking loads of water to keep me full too. Loo breaks at work can be a pain, but I can tell the difference between a day with hydration and a day without.
A nice meringue and fruit topped off a nice filling meal!


Under 10syns


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