I bridesMAID myself proud!

I’ve only been a bridesmaid twice, and the last time was for my beautiful best friend Nikki back in 2010, the year I was at my biggest and probably my unhappiest!
The wedding was beautiful and I look back with so many great memories, but the thing that takes the shine off the pictures is…me! I just think oh god, how did I let myself get like that, how could I pose for photos looking like that.
Yesterday I was bridesmaid again for my beautiful friend Jean, and I felt like a million dollars, I felt like people were looking for the right reasons! I know I’m not at target yet, but feeling that dress zip up and looking at myself I actually thought, not bad!! The other bridesmaids are tiny so I was still the biggest, but in a normal way. It was a fantastic day, and I have just looked back at the photos with a HUGE smile on my face.
I now just need to really focus, I had a blow out this weekend, syns went totally out the window, but it’s Italy in like 6weeks and I really want to be near target, I can do this!!! Tuesday weigh in us not going to be fun! But not even that can put a downer on how I feel right now 😀 xx


I bridesMAID myself proud!


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