After a lovely afternoon with Nikki catching up on everything I have hit the nail on the head. I have run into the brick wall known as complacency!
I feel so happy with life and how I look right now that I’ve temporarily lost that hungry need and desire to focus on slimming world and getting to target.
I now realise that this has happened again, which is step number 1, I now need to buck my ideas up, get back into gear and focus! Target really is not that far away, I need to look forward at how amazing I will feel the day I get my blue target member sticker and certificate, what’s that saying, the journey towards anything worth doing is rarely smooth or straight forward!!
So as of tomorrow, it’s a fresh start, I have had a very social weekend which has revolved around food, i will try to minimise the damage before Tuesday, my salad and fruit lunch is packed ready for tomorrow and I’m off to bokwa tomorrow night. Then come Wednesday, I need to treat it like my first week on SW. Pay day Wednesday so a big food shop will help, and the outdoor activity weekend trip next weekend should help!
I can do this! I will do this! I need to do this! It’s my Xmas present to myself!!! Feeling positive and refocused 🙂




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