So I stepped on the scales tonight and I have gained 2lbs this week 😦
But I expected it, which is a small comfort. It could have been worse!
With a meal out on Friday, an 18th birthday party with a buffet on Saturday and a visit to Chatsworth on Sunday which involved and a giant profiterole I was already expecting a gain.
Then yesterday after a really really tough day at work, I pigged out 🐷 boo!
So I have earned the 2lbs, also u haven’t really exercised at all since the run last Tuesday, things are all a bit much at the moment, exhausted ALL the time 😦
I break up next Friday and go to Italy for a week the Saturday after, I cannot wait, I need to sleep, cook, run and relax.
I cannot wait to run around the beautiful Italian scenery and eat lots of healthy and yummy pasta, veg and rice.
I must must reach target this year in 2013!!! I need to kick it up a gear now as time is majorly ticking!!!
I just find it difficult to be as motivated as I was at the beginning when I have already come so far and feel so so much better!! Come on Jo!!!!!!!!




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