After a week of being as good on sticking to plan as my very first week as a new member….I lost 1.5lbs! Most of you will say woohoo and well done! And yes it is a loss and I always say those exact words to others, but…..when you are expecting 3/4lbs MINIMUM my hear sank and in set the feeling of disappointment!
After 2weeks off plan, I thought that kicking it back up would give me a rewardingly sized loss, perfect to motivate me for going on hol on sat!
But as per usual my body is rubbish and hasn’t responded in the way I wanted it to!
Group were amazing as always and listened and offered support where they could, and Darral and Caroline in particular were understanding and helpful, and assured me that keeping it up will mean I see the loss I deserve.
The plus side is I know that there is physically nothing more I could have done this week, I drank lots of water and green tea, I did my SAS food logs every day and managed and counted my syns so I was under come weeks end, and I started to exercise again.
I don’t know what else I could have done. My body is feeling complacent and thinks this is where it wants to stop, but I’m not having it!!!!!!!
I came home from group and prepared a high veg pasta packet for lunch tomorrow with extra veg added, and made up a cheese and broccoli pasta packet with water and milk (HEA) and no butter for my tea tonight, followed by a mini bounty I am stuffed, and I’ve stuck to plan and this means I have only had 7 syns today!! No Tuesday night post weigh in blow out or black hole, as Darrall says start as I mean to go on.
I am going away on Saturday and that may present me with some temptations, but I’m going to Italy for god sake, I am going to eat icecream,bread and pizza and I am going to enjoy it! But it will not be a blow out, they will be treats spaced between slimming world cooked meals and exercise (running shoes are already packed)
I set a goal to have lost 1lb by next weigh in, 2weeks today! I am going to try my hardest to meet it, but if I don’t it is ok, this holiday is something I have been working towards, I cannot wait to see everyone!!
So slimmers, anything worth doing is hardwork and worth waiting for, and for every step in the right direction we take we take a step further away from the person we no longer want to be.
I know that if I bumped into the Jo that last visited Italy 3.5/4stone heavier, she wouldn’t believe how far I had come. But I can hear the faint whispers of target Jo from around the corner, I don’t know how far away she is, but she’s telling me how amazing and even happier and more confident I will feel when I reach her, overcoming the obstacles will only make the victory even sweeter!!
I am going to do it, I gave already done so much!! My mind is set, mission accepted!! As Shellie keeps saying think of that special size10 dress and how much I want it 😀😊 #feelingempowered #onit!




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