Double figures

I cannot believe that today I ran 10 whole miles!!!
Just under 9months ago I pounded the pavement for the first time, and if you would have told me then I would a) enter a half marathon and b) be running miles and miles each weekend I training, there is no way I would have believed it!
Today was tough, and after 7miles I had well and truly had enough, with an aching knee and tummy, sunny weather than I was hoping for and picking a rubbish route (I tried to stay local and ended up doing a really repetitive and more tiring route) but the voice in my head kept saying you HAVE to do this! So in the last 4weeks I have run every Sunday, starting with 7miles, followed by 8, 9 and then 10. To think I have been smashing my way through time and time again.
A half marathon in 13miles so I still have a little way to go, but plan to stick with 10miles for a while and pick my usual more straight forward (straight road) route.
The pain and exhaustion was totally worth the feeling of elation I got when I finished, and even though the time wasn’t as great as I was hoping for, I did it! And I did it well, running non stop for 1hr 40mins is no small victory!

Nothing can stop me 🙂 I just need to apply this determination and will power to reaching target now and shifting this last bit of weight!!


Double figures


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