Fat day :-(

I am feeling fat fat fat today!!!! And it sucks! I am PMSing and I did gain 1.5lb because of lady time this week, but Man I am having one of those days where you just look in the mirror and think everything looks horrific!
With three Xmas dos on the horizon, a who killed Santa themed evening with friends on Saturday, slimming world meal out on Tuesday and works Xmas do a week on Saturday. After trying on EVERY dress I own for this weekend I thought they all felt tight and made me look horrendous! So I have finally settled on dressing up an Xmas shirt (pics will follow) but having tried on my works do dess, I really am not convinced! With a tummy, no opportunity to wear spanx or even a decent bra with the open back… I may feel differently when the fat feeling passes, but I need to be comfortable, I think a shopping dress on Saturday morning is in order!!
God I hate fat days!!!!! The evening is also probably the worst time to try stuff on with a full tum and day of eating!!! Ah well! Onwards and downwards!!


Fat day :-(


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