Works christmas do!

I don’t think I have ever felt as feminine and ‘pretty’ as I did on Saturday at the works christmas do in Birmingham.
Quiz is not a shop I ever shopped in previously (I couldn’t…) so finding this little beauty in the middle of the rack I am so glad I bought it!!
With my hair done and a fairy/princess frock at the ready, I had a great night!!!!!
I did drink more than I have done in a long time but I also danced by ass off on the dancefloor and jumped around like a nutter!
Such a good time with so many good friends 🙂 I have just accepted that it’s the festive period and I will do well to maintain.
SW christmas party tomorrow, Tina’s leaving party at the Pie factory Wednesday (oops, no pie though), work friends Nandos on Thursday and lunch out with Nikki on Saturday!!
Too much food!!!
Still smiling from the feel good factor and nice compliments on Saturday though 🙂 xx


Works christmas do!


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