Feeling sluggish!!

So tomorrow I am going to run again and wake up on plan! I chose to avoid weighing in this week, but I have to face the music next Friday.
Clothes actually do feel a little tighter so I know it’s going to be a gain as pretty much since I broke up just over a week ago I have not counted a single syn, I have eaten chocolate, cheese, biscuits, bread, 2 Xmas dinners, 1 Xmas Eve Indian, nuts, and puddings oops!!
I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed it, but I am now ready to call it a day (a week is enough) and eat some more veg and fruit and slimming world food!
My race is in just over 2 months (how did that happen so quickly) and the lighter I am the better!
Not feeling so festive now…just full!!
Man I’ve missed exercise!!
Would love a loss for next week!!


Feeling sluggish!!


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