Feeling sick!!

I finally donned my running shoes and hit the road again today after the festive season of stuffing face! It was hard! At one point I felt really sick and didn’t think I could go on!! But I did, I did 4miles with an average 10:15 pace šŸ™‚ which I am pleased about.
I wondered why it felt so hard when I only ran a couple of weeks ago, to look back and realise I last ran 1.5miles on December 3rd, and my last decent run of 10miles was December 1st, almost a month ago!!
No wonder it wasn’t easy then! But the first and hardest run back is done and I’ll continue to run this week and every week upto the big event on March 2nd!
I can do this!!!!!
Feel better for going šŸ˜Š


Feeling sick!!


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