It all built up to today...

Today was the climax of 6months of training and just under a year of running in total. Up at 7:30am after a restless nights sleep we packed up and headed to the park and ride into Central Bath. At the park and ride bus stop a local church were handing out free bananas and doughnuts which was so lovely and welcomed. After surveying the runners village, scoffing a pancake and popping into the Alzheimer's charity tent it was time to start moving towards the starting line. I chose to adhere to the no iPod/headphones policy of the run and I'm so glad I did, it was amazing to soak in the atmosphere of everyone cheering, from tiny kids to elderly folk. I slapped more sticking out, palm up hands than I ever have before and heard a love brass band amongst numerous other types of music blaring out. As one of roughly 12,000 runners (120 running for Alzheimer's) it was fantastic. I placed 9584 which is good for my first half. The chip recorded 2hrs 25mins but I've seen reports on the runs fbook thread that the times were out (this syncs with my thoughts as the race started at 11am but I didn't reach the starting line for 20minutes after kick off, the time as I crossed the finishing line said 2hrs 34mins which minus those 20minutes is 2hours 15minutes (my originally thought result). Either way it's over and I am happy! Exhausted but happy! I have never put my body under such extreme endurance pressure before, 13.1 miles is a hell of a long way, but the route (almost all flat) was great. But that last mile was an absolute killer!!!! I thought it was never going to end. Reaching the finishing line was one of the proudest and hardest moments of my life. Receiving my medal and 2014 runthebath tshirt was great, I also had a professional picture taken before grabbing a foil blanket and taking a well needed rest back in the Alzheimer's tent.Having Dan, mum, dad and Jean and Kris there to cheer me on was amazing, the thrill and surge of emotion I got as I saw them cheering me on was sensational!!Walking into the restaurant afterwards and receiving a standing ovation from them was also amazing. I can't believe I've done it. A year ago I didn't even think I could run….and now! With £1310 raised I think my beautiful grandma Eva would be proud 🙂 I feel so so so happy and proud of myself and how far I have come… I now know truly anything is possible if you work hard for it!!Thanks to everyone for the love and support. Settled in at the hotel in Bournemouth now for a relaxing stay with a pool and spa tomorrow… I imagine I'll ache in the morning. Xx



It all built up to today…


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