I'm doing this for me!!!

So for the last 2 weeks I haven’t been properly on plan. My week back at school 6am- 6pm was fine it’s getting home from school and remaining focused that is the issue at the moment. Having eaten out numerous times on the lead up to and the week after my birthday I feel like I have had my fill of naughty non synned food.
Nikki came over today and we went for a carvery (no pudding) this was followed by a great gym session.
I ran 2miles on the treadmill at a pace of 9:26mph without any knee support and it didn’t hurt (still doesn’t hurt touch wood) woohooooo!! I am so happy, this is progress in one week at the gym with 5 gym/swim sessions.
Anyway back to my point, with changes to my life approaching in the next 6months it is high time I focus on me!!!
Having gained a dress size since my slimmest last summer 😦 I need to get back to where I was and further ahead. I need to focus 100% on me now, and what makes me happiest, being confident and pleased with myself!
As Nikki wisely said nothing tastes as good as being slim feels. Tomorrow marks the new chapter, with Stacey as a new consultant to spur me on I am going to smash it!!
With three charity events and a deadline looming I’m doing this bit for me!!!!!


I’m doing this for me!!!


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