So.. You’ve seen my posts over the weekend, I have been open and honest about my eating and my lack of exercise over the past week 😦
I went to weigh in tonight with a bit of a heavy heart, preparing myself for the worst after a week full of cough medicine, soothers, chocolate and even a curry chucked in on Sunday 😦 with a sore chest meaning a rest from exercise and a bank holiday to throw out my routine and…. I only gained 1/2lb… I reckon that was from the buffet at work today for lunch.. Damn it!!
I am sooo relieved, I feel like this is yet another sign that this is my week, with a lunch of fruit in the fridge for tomorrow, and after a stress busting gym workout, swim, steam and jacuzzi under my belt today thanks to an early finish at work. I think it may be safe to say I feel on it!!
We celebrated Shellie’s birthday tonight at Toby carvery and as the picture shows, I enjoyed a chocolate fudge sundae.
After this weekend I have had my fill of naughty food! I actually felt bloated, fat and unhealthy today as a result of my dodgy diet choices the last few days (Scott mills states this is known as Fat Tuesday)
I’m ready to have a really good week… Come at me bro!!
I’ll try and blog daily with progress as it always helps… Wish me luck!!




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