So… We’re back!! Oh my goodness we had the best time in Gran Canaria, I cannot remember a time I felt so relaxed!
However, amongst the cocktails, all you can eat buffet and tapas, icecreams and lazing around, I felt a swift kick up the bum.
I know I have gained since my lowest weight on SW last year, and on this holiday I felt happy, but I could have felt more confident! I need to get back into it.
I thoroughly enjoyed the break from routine, I packed my gym gear but didn’t end up going. However we walked lots and swam lots.
I ate lots of tasty food, bread, cheese, puddings and enjoyed many a mojito.
With the recent changes in my job situation I am aiming to treat it as a second chance and use this additional year to get to and stick at target…. I need to!! I’m glad I’ve had a big blow out though, I don’t weigh in until next Tuesday so going to try and do some damage control… Fingers crossed hey! X




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