Drawing a line…

I tried the 5:2 and… It’s not for me! After a bad week weigh in wise, and coming —- this close to just throwing in the towel completely, I had some amazing support from our new consultant Natalie and her other half 🙂 and from the group.
Pam and I have initiated some healthy competition to see who can lose the most for next week.
I did a big SW food shop straight after group and came home and made a big batch of syn free veg soup with carrots, onion, potato, butternut squash, watercress,suede, veg stock and seasoning. With my new thermos purchased it’s soup and fruit for lunch tomorrow.
Food diary in hand, gym pass ready to go and cupboards fully stocked…. I’ve done throwing my toys out of the pram, only I can do this, I did it last summer and now I can do it again… With break up day 7.5 working days away… I can and WILL do this!!!!

20140715-112219 pm-84139505.jpg

20140715-112218 pm-84138777.jpg


One thought on “Drawing a line…

  1. You can do it Hun and I would have been gutted if you had stopped. But more importantly you would too. You have come so far and have been a really good support to me. Don’t let it beat you. I went for months with hardly any results, but it does start moving again. Good luck for this week Hun. Xxx

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