Life gets in the way

Group was yesterday and I should have weighed in, however Jean and Kris happened to be in the area picking up jeans car after repairs and having not seen them since may I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.
It was great to see them both, and the plan is to weighin on Saturday morning instead 🙂
I have to admit this week hasn’t been the week I hoped for…. Life’s kind of gotten in the way, I knew I was doomed when consultant Natalie posted about the new green tin cokes being syns when I hadn’t realised and we had bought 2 multipacks on offer.
I’ve not been to the gym in over 2 weeks but the plan is to start back Friday hopefully… Going to be tough!
The sno tubing on Sunday and dragging the ring up and down the hill let me know it was time to get my ass back to the gym.
I’m feeling fat at the moment back in the school clothes… I need an injection of motivation… I just need to get the first week back after the summer out of the way… I can do this and I will so this!!!!


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