Extra fundraising bits…

The extra fundraising bits and bobs from arthritis research arrived today woohoo!!


Killer on the lungs..

Despite the ice, gale force winds, bad chest and freezing temperatures i forced myself to go out for a run yesterday…
These short working week runs are tough… But I’m doing it!!



Too icy!!


Yesterday’s run was tough on ice! The new playlist was good with some good upbeat tunes, but the canal route combined with minus temperatures even at 2/3pm meant I was like bambi and had to slow right down 😦 another run tomorrow pre weigh in and I’m feeling better for it each time 👍 #motivated #smashjanuary


First post of 2015..

On Friday I went for my first run for about 4weeks and the first run of 2015.
I’m not off for another one despite the worst lady tummy pain… Argh! Wish me luck!
Also I’m going to post a big update shortly to fill in the blanks of what’s going on atm!